Dordaneh Hijab Project

The original idea and our philosophy were to do back to the society and strives to make a difference in our communities and the world. We believe it is important to be a globally, conscious company and do our part to help.

Our passion is to sincerely dedicate part of our earnings into our pledged mission called 'Dordaneh Hijab Project'. This means a percentage of the proceeds goes to non-profit organizations. So when you purchase any of our merchandise, you are actually giving back to the society in a form of sadaqah.

Shopping can be even more rewarding when now you know your purchase also goes to those in need. What's even best when you can do "more" than that? On top of your kindness thoughts, we are engaging our customers to compile your preloved hijab that you would like to give away to our charity project. And we will do our part donating them to those women in developing nations that will love to have them as your gift!

So, just put them in that cute ziplock bag and send them over to us :)

For more info, please email us at