Our Story

Every muslimah should be respected for her culture, preferences and style, as each and everyone is a proud Muslim at heart and soul.

Dordaneh woman is strong, independent, self-confidence with an opulent style. A woman with powerful spirit, ambitious mind, great passion and whose generous heart inspires others to be kind to all.

These luxury, handcrafted scarves are passionately made for women who loves to play an important part of their life back to the society. The inspirations is what Dordaneh wants to cultivate and show the world that muslimah sisters share both hardships and good times in this blessful life journey together. We embrace any opportunity and make ourselves deeply involved in the community by any means of giving or sadaqah.

Using the finest fabrics and finished with our signature designs of delicate eye-catching details to perfection, our purpose is to also capture a combination of classic and elegant modesty which can be truly appreciated by the modern muslimah of today.